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The Detroit LRNA
International Study Collective

We began with a basic premise that recalled Malcolm X’s observation that there was a worldwide revolution at work pushing back at the global dominance of the Western hemisphere, namely North America and Europe.  We in the Youth, Education, Culture Committee have inquired as to what this might look like.  We felt it was incumbent upon us to look to other countries in the global South that are in various stages of developing socialist systems.  With this in mind, our task is to reach out to writers, scholars, working people from those countries to exchange ideas in an endeavor to gain a better understanding of the world we live in and what unites us with our revolutionary brothers and sisters around the globe in the vision of a good life for all people.  

Current Course

United States

Our deep dive into the unfolding revolutionary process in China and the contemporary results of that process, we believe, has provided us with some important insights on the worldwide revolutionary process and China’s place and role in that process including the creation of a new worldwide economic system providing a viable alternative to U.S. led imperialism.


We are shifting our orientation to issues here in the U.S. through our Study of Black    Reconstruction by W.E.B. Dubois, in conjunction with pertinent works by Karl Marx. Our concentration is analyzing the U.S. as a declining imperial power created by the genocide of the indigenous people and the enslavement of the African people. With the help of DuBois and Marx, and others our understanding of white supremacy as the principal contradiction embodied in that system contrasted with the rising Chinese socialist system will assist us as U.S. revolutionaries to formulate a theory of the American revolution as part of the contemporary international proletarian struggle.


Past Course


Why study China?  Many of us haven’t taken an in-depth look at the country, its culture, its politics in the post-Mao era.  So little is known or discussed of rich and complicated history of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) or the revolution that brought China out of poverty into moderate prosperity in the first two decades of the 21st century.  The Communist Party of China attributes this success to the rigorous application of scientific socialism which eliminates poverty, fosters development and social progress.  The purpose of this class is to bring an understanding of a country building real socialism and to overcome through study and education the misunderstandings that persist.

Our current course of study takes us through Belt and Road Initiative: Chinese Version of the “Marshall Plan?” by  Feng Da Hsuan and Liang Hai Ming as we study the ambitious vision of China’s new intercontinental cooperative trade route that bridges the Eastern hemisphere, ultimately building  global connectivity and development.  This current was inspired by President Xi Xinping’s Governance of China, which we covered earlier this year (recorded discussions are available on the class archive page).  We invite all who are genuinely interested and curious to know more.

Watch "Seeking Truth from Facts,"
our online webinar and culmination of our China Class.

About Us

The League of Revolutionaries for a New America is made up of people from all walks of life. We are tied together by a common aim – the end of exploitation, the public ownership of the means of production, and the distribution of the products of society according to need.


The League joins other revolutionaries who challenge the ruling class on the immorality of its ruthless devastation of the earth and life. We trace injustice to the capitalist system and seek to show how society’s problems can be solved when it is reorganized along cooperative lines.


Society must be reorganized so that the abundance made possible by science and technology benefits all — a society that puts humanity above profits.

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